Do you need…


…to stand out in a market full of firms offering comparable expertise, services or products?


…to enable your fee earners to do more effective business development?


…a business ghost writer who can turn your firm’s technical knowledge into marketing content your prospects find easy to understand and useful?

  I can…


...craft your experts’ specialist knowledge into a good story using clear language;


…create marketing content that highlights the value of your products and services in the context of your clients’ interests;


…capture insights that create and strengthen your client relationships and put your firm in a stronger position for when buyers are ready to choose their supplier.

What They’re Saying

I would enthusiastically recommend James.  We had an extremely short time to produce a paper that was strategically important for Deloitte.  James was highly collaborative and flexible, fitting in with senior stakeholder diaries.  The final paper is excellent.

Katie Bennett-Stenton

National Marketing Lead, Deloitte

We were concerned that a consultant would charge an arm and a leg for basically repackaging and presenting our own work in a way we really could have done ourselves. Instead James truly added value by bringing genuine industry experience and combining it with professional skill, in so doing he guided us through his tested plan and processes to reach a pleasing end product.

It was a learning experience for all involved within our company to think through, arrange and package our product offering more clearly to our clients. Using James' services helped us focus more on our strengths. It also highlighted areas needing improvement. The end product is drawing attention to our company and brand, promoting us as a “thought leader” in our industry.

James is a professional in digital marketing and brand awareness. He is fully committed and  involved in the whole process, from planning and drafting the white paper to planning and executing the marketing strategy to get the word out in the market. Allpress Communications charges a reasonable fee to do great work, and you get to work with the top dog, no matter how small your company!

Henry Venter

Executive Director, ADC Projects

"James has a talent for identifying and isolating the critical factors that are essential to facilitate success. Capturing these insights and information; translating complexity into simple, clear language; and pulling everything together to form a compelling strategy/plan that helped move our business forward."

Tim Mann

Senior Manager Market Access, BTG

"My regular strategy sessions with James are really useful in terms of looking at our business from another perspective, identifying areas for improvement, setting targets and a plan for reaching our goals. They also provided a much-needed look at our customers – seeing the world from their perspective, understanding their problems and how we can solve them. I'm always inspired by our conversations!"

Julian Ransom

Director, 4th Corner Landscaping

"I worked with James at Heren Energy, the leading energy price reporting agency, for more than a decade. When he joined the company in 1997, he stood out right away as a talented and intelligent reporter with a nose for news and a penchant for accuracy. He was always a good person to work with: kind, imaginative and humorous. He took on responsibilities willingly and was promoted in due course to edit the company’s flagship journal. While getting the detail right, James always has an eye on the bigger picture - the news behind the news - and this makes him an outstanding journalist."

Patrick Heren

Writer; Energy Commentator


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