I’m James.

I’ve been writing professionally for 20+ years, creating informational content for businesses, and articles on business as a journalist.

I work with professional services firms – lawyers, engineers and consultants – energy and technology companies.

I help firms create reports, presentations and other informational content that:

– creates value for customers and clients by helping them understand an issue, solve a problem or make a decision;

– helps prospects know, like, and trust your firm by crafting a good story that’s relevant to your target audience.

Busy senior decision makers don’t always have the time to create informational content. And subject matter experts don’t always talk about their work in the context of their clients’ problems and how they can help solve them.

Seeing this opportunity, I set up Allpress Communications to capture expertise, create informational content that builds trust and generates interest, and marketing copy to sell ideas and entice customers into action.


My background


My background’s a varied mix. I graduated in law (LL.B, LL.M), learned Spanish while living in Barcelona, then worked for many years as a journalist in London.

I’ve had hundreds of articles published on the energy industry – including breaking news, features, market analysis and opinion pieces. I’ve also provided expert comment to mainstream media (appearing on TV, radio and in print), and chaired and presented at conferences.

Being a journalist was great! I got to travel and interview interesting people. I also learned the importance of make sense of what was going on “behind the headlines”, verifying facts and using storytelling to bring the news to life.

Still, a desire grew to immerse myself in a commercial environment and learn about the nuts and bolts of business from within.

So I joined a professional services firm, creating informational content that positioned the consultants as experts and helped them to connect with clients. It gave me a great insight into many aspects of how a business operates and the critical role marketing can play in its success.

I was still interviewing and storytelling, but I was doing it with a strategic approach to serve a business goal and improve the bottom line. Which I still find highly motivating today.

Two years after setting up my business, I moved from London to Sydney as my wife had a fantastic opportunity to work as a doctor on the air ambulance service Careflight. During a fantastic year of outdoor fun with our three kids, I was lucky enough to build a strong Australian client base that included Cochlear, Deloitte, KPMG, PwC and Holman Webb Lawyers.

In August 2019 we returned to the UK so my wife could finish her final year training as a doctor in the NHS. I continue to work on projects with my core Australian clients together with a growing number of Europe-based firms.

Alongside writing, I head a small team of experienced freelance partners, under Allpress Communications. They include editors, developers, a videographer and a graphic designer.

To learn more, explore some examples of my work, or if you’d like to discuss a specific writing project, please get in touch